Reconnective Healing


Dr. Pearl was running a successful chiropractic practice in Los Angeles when a series of unusual occurrences led him to realize that his purpose was far beyond anything he had previously known. Patient after patient reported healings from cancers, epilepsy, cerebral palsy and other severe health conditions, simply when Dr. Pearl held his hands near them. Seeking to understand what was happening, Eric consulted with leaders in science, medicine, and spirituality – discovering they did not have the answers either. Supported by researchers affiliated with multiple prestigious institutions including Harvard, Yale, and Stanford, Dr. Pearl went on to pioneer studies on the Reconnective Healing Frequencies and their effects on people – a comprehensive healing approach, which completely transcends “energy healing” and its complex rituals and techniques – known around the world today as Reconnective Healing.

When disease is systemic, it is critical to focus not on the disease itself, but rather, on restoring balance and harmony to the entire being. As the individual comes into balance, the internal healing mechanisms are activated; the body self-adjusts; and the interferences – or imbalances – fall away, as the body is returned to vibrant health An alternative and potentially more effective approach to healing is to focus not on diagnosing and “fixing” a condition, but rather, on activating the healing response mechanism – thus allowing the body’s intelligence to self-correct imbalances and return to homeostasis.

Through accessing and transmitting healing frequencies, without preconceived notions of what is “wrong” or what needs to be changed and how, Reconnective Healing is able to facilitate healings that transcend the limitations of our own previous misunderstanding.

Reconnective Healing produces consistent and repeatable clinical results that challenge our fundamental understanding of how the world works. Rather than clinging to our limited thinking, and therefore resisting a paradigm shift, honest science calls upon us to allow for new understandings, develop new measuring tools, and transform existing world views, according to the truth discovered through these results. We tend to trust those who have a degree, belong to an institution, or otherwise hold a position deemed valuable by society. If we have the choice between a Harvard-trained doctor at the Mayo clinic and a nondescript – university trained doctor at a small town practice, chances are we will assume that the first choice will serve us the best. In reality, however, the elite doctor may have chosen medicine for the prestige and may be focused on his publications, to the detriment of his patients. The homegrown practitioner, to the contrary, may be a natural-born healer, devoted to effectively resolving patient complaints.

Healing Is Not Necessarily What We Expect For an illness to be “cured,” the associated physical symptoms usually vanish. For an illness to be “healed,” however, those symptoms may or may not still be there. A blind man, for example, not only may be blind, but also may be chronically depressed about being blind. He may live a reclusive and lonely existence as a result. If this man is “cured,” he will be able to see. If he is “healed,” he may or may not be able to see. He may, however, suddenly feel peaceful about being blind, and he may suddenly feel motivated to go out into the world. Unlike a cure, a healing is not a result-oriented experience. Instead, it is an opening to transformation on the mental, spiritual, emotional, and/or physical levels. By simply opening to the universal intelligence and allowing the healing frequencies to come through, people receive what they need instead of merely what we think they should have. These healings are often fairly instantaneous and tend to be life long. Reconnective Healing is not about directing, manipulating, or otherwise attempting to force a healing. It is about opening a door for that person to access and receive what the universal intelligence designed specifically for them. Sometimes people receive a healing for the problem they are addressing, and sometimes they receive a healing for an unrelated problem. Sometimes they notice just the physical healing, when in actuality they may be receiving an emotional, spiritual and mental healing as well. Sometimes the change is not apparent for weeks or months, and on occasion the person does not notice a change at all. Based on reports from healing recipients around the world, however, the healings appear to be fairly instantaneous and permanent.

The Reconnection is never about directing, manipulating, or otherwise attempting to force a healing. It is simply about opening the door for an individual to access and receive that which comes through – a healing uniquely customized by the intelligence of the universe.


para WHAT IS RHReconnective Healing® and The Reconnection® access a new broader spectrum of frequencies which can bring about healings that are not just physical, not just mental, not just emotional, but go beyond to bring about healings that can include the evolution of your very being.  In the presence of these Healing Frequencies, the body can come back into balance so that the person can heal themselves. For many this truly is a life-changing experience!
How is it different from other forms of healing?
Dr Eric Pearl, founder of The Reconnection, explains:
“Reconnective Healing® appears to be a new level of healing – a new form that’s here on the planet for the very first time, according to a lot of the researchers.  It is apparently so comprehensive, so broad and all inclusive that once you begin to interact with these new Healing Frequencies® you are automatically interacting with all the energy frequencies we’ve ever known of up until now… because it’s more than energy, it includes energy and then expands beyond it, into light and information. The researchers tend to feel that this is the first time that we have had access to this expansive level of healing here on earth.”
Proof of the reality of it has been clearly demonstrated in practice and in double blind tests in science laboratories.

All Reconnective Healing sessions are touch-free healings.  You will be asked to lie down on a massage table, close your eyes, relax and let go.  Have a sense of expectancy without expectation.  That is to say: do not expect specific results, but be prepared to receive.  Be present to what you notice. Become aware of your breathing, your physical sensations around your body.  Notice the sounds inside and outside the room, and the sounds of your body. Notice any odors or aromas, any tastes that come to you.  Observe any emotions that flow through, without analyzing them or getting involved with them.  As thoughts arrive, just notice them without judgment or involvement, and then let them go.  In other words, be aware enough, but not so aware that you lose the awareness of the experience itself.
During a session, please wear comfortable clothing; avoid wearing perfumes or colognes. Yes, it is OK to use deodorant.
When you are in a session, trying to “feel” something can actually block your sensations and experience. Just allow whatever happens to occur and know that it is exactly what you need at that specific moment.  Don’t meditate, pray, use mantras or chants, or use any of the other techniques with which you are may be familiar.  It will only diminish your experience.  Trust that who or what you pray to, already knows what you are seeking.  You won’t need to repeat it countless times once you are on the table.
Your experience, while often a pleasant one to enjoy, is not relevant to the outcome of the session. The Reconnective Healing session will work, regardless of whether you have a really vivid experience or even a very uneventful one.
While I cannot and do not guarantee any particular outcome, I will guarantee that you are immersed in the healing frequencies fully and totally for the entire time that you are on the table and our work begins.
Through your participation in these sessions, you will be forever changed, operating at, and attuned to, a higher frequency than ever before.

A session lasts about 60 minutes, and will include 35-40 minutes of table time.

The Reconnective Healing frequencies begin to work immediately and they work beyond technique and the Healing occurs outside of time and space.  Therefore there is no correlation with the length of the healing session to the quality of the healing that takes place.
It is typically recommended to receive 1-3 sessions of Reconnective Healing, and in most cases the healing happens in just one session.  Many people have found that by the 3rd session, they feel a lasting and effective overall shift in themselves.
The fee for a Reconnective Healing session is 60 €

Animals respond amazingly to Reconnective Healing. They have no expectations, and carry no human “drama” with them. As with any session of Reconnective Healing, the healings tend to be spontaneous and last a life time.
You can expect Animal Reconnective Healing Sessions to last around 25-30 minutes, and 1-3 sessions are usually recommended.
Please contact us if you have any specific questions regarding your animal.
The fee for an Animal Reconnective Healing session is 60 Euros

What’s the difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection?

The difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection is basically one of intent.
The intent of Reconnective Healing is essentially that of healing, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or on any other level.  As a result of a Reconnective Healing, you will, to some extent, experience a small part of the reconnection as part of the process.
The intent of The Reconnection is to bring us into the fullness of our inherent connection with the universe. This is done via a two-session experience, commonly referred to as receiving your Reconnection.  And of course, to achieve the degree of reconnection brought fourth via The Reconnection, you will, experience a small part of a Reconnective Healing as part of the process.Your intent here is to become Reconnected.
Although the two are not completely separate processes from each other, to obtain the full benefits of each, your Reconnective Healing sessions and your Reconnection sessions are to be experienced on separate occasions, and it is advised that you receive at least 1-3 Reconnective Healing sessions prior to your Reconnection.

Reconnective Healing and science

When Dr. Eric Pearl began exhibiting a mysterious healing ability in 1993, he could imagine neither what it might be, nor its source. As a successful Los Angeles chiropractor with a dozen years’ experience, he was a firm believer in evidence-based medicine that operates on proven scientific principles. But this new ability was unlike any science-based method he knew. It manifested as a strange, vibrating energy in his hands, and many of his patients were healed, often dramatically, when he directed this energy towards them.
Several years later, Dr. Pearl met Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., of the University of Arizona. As head of the Human Energy Systems Department (now called the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health), Schwartz invited Dr. Pearl to his lab to begin research on the mysterious energy. Dr. Pearl was deeply curious about it in any case, and he also knew that most people unfamiliar with concepts of energy healing would not pay any attention, let alone believe, unless valid research provides a solid foundation. So he accepted the invitation, beginning more than a decade of research so far into what he had come to call Reconnective Healing.

For that first study, Schwartz devised a series of tests and measurements around the field of Eric’s body and what Eric could transmit. Using measuring devices such as an EEG, EKG, and a gamma ray detector, Schwartz discovered that Reconnective Healing was real, was palpable, something that could be taught, and very different than anything seen before. Schwartz’s further studies with more sophisticated and sensitive devices such as a biophoton meter, extremely low frequency magnetometer, and laser profusion imager, confirmed these results and offered even more information about the energy of Reconnective Healing. In his later “Energy Healing Baseline” study funded by the National Institutes of Health, Schwartz studied 142 energy healing modalities including Reiki, Qigong, Johrei, and Reconnective Healing, along with about 10 practitioners of some of them. He wanted to measure the basic electromagnetic properties that each practitioner was able to create or oscillate or emit or transmit. He discovered significant differences between the brain-wave states of Reconnective Healing practitioners and those practicing other modalities. In the latter group, healers create coherence between their heart and brain so they can relax and become a conduit for the healing energy to flow from “out there,” through them, then to the client. In this state, traditional energy healers tend to have expanded alpha brain-wave states and decreased beta states when they work. However, Reconnective Healing practitioners were different. Schwartz discovered that they experience decreases in both alpha and beta waves—a combination that takes them far beyond normal coherence. “It’s as if our consciousness goes somewhere else,” explains Dr. Pearl. “But at the same time, we report being highly aware. It’s almost as if our standard brain function shifts into this ultra-coherent state, this emotional quiescence. It’s an active state, but it’s not an activity based on us trying to stay in balance within our own bodies. Rather, it’s us transcending the limits of our bodies and going into this other state of hyperawareness. It’s a different brain state. We’ve never seen that. It’s not the same as energy healing.” In addition, Schwartz found that Reconnective Healing practitioners don’t become an energy conduit. Instead, they become more of a catalyst, and, explains Dr. Pearl, “by a process of attention, by our basically providing our presence and feeling for sensations around somebody, there is a flow directly from the Field itself into the client.

It doesn’t flow through us.” Schwartz has also investigated the power of Reconnective Healing in a series of tests with comparable leaves cut from plants. Over time, he measured the life force of the cut leaves with a biophoton emission meter, which measures the amount of extremely tiny pulses of light that emanate from every living thing. Biophotons “bleeding” from the cut leaves is a sign that the life force is decreasing. In one of these tests, Reconnective Healers worked with one leaf while another was left alone. “When we applied Reconnective Healing, in some cases the leaves were able to stay alive as long as 90 days,” says Dr. Pearl, “whereas the leaves that were left to their own accord died on average somewhere between 14 to 28 days. It was really a dramatic difference. Something was providing life support and life-sustaining benefit to the leaf as a result of interacting with the Reconnective Healing frequencies.” William Tiller, Ph.D., fellow to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science and professor emeritus of the Stanford University’s Department of Materials Science, began researching Reconnective Healing in 2006. He’s been investigating how the quantum properties of a space, such as a hotel conference room, change when the teaching seminars are conducted. His discoveries are equally intriguing. Most significantly, he has found that Reconnective Healing seminar sites display negative entropy. That is, instead of entropy, or disorder (which is the usual behavior of energy), these seminar sites manifest just the opposite, or more order in the quantum field. He has measured this shift beginning up to 36 hours before the seminar begins and continuing for up to several days afterward. In a process he calls “duplexing,” Tiller theorizes that as the Reconnective Healing frequencies are activated, quantum pathways open up to allow negative entropy to enter the space—including the people in it—and flow freely. This finding means that “the rules and the laws of physics are completely different” in these spaces, says Dr. Pearl.

While this entire process appears to be governed by negative entropy, Tiller has found that changes also occur in the site’s excess thermodynamic free energy. In fact, these changes are so dramatic that if they were compared to temperature, the room would measure 300 degrees centigrade. But while the temperature does not rise, the energy, light, and quantum information charging the room definitely do. Tiller also believes that changes in molecular structure might also occur, along with changes in all the laws of physics, as we currently understand them. These shifts in energy, according to Tiller, are probably what enable people from all walks of life and educational backgrounds to come to the seminar and leave two days later with the very real power to heal others and themselves. “There’s something very real, very powerful, very palpable that’s going on here,” says Dr. Pearl. Konstantin Korotkov, Ph.D., professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at SaintPetersburg (Russia) Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, is a third researcher investigating Reconnective Healing. He has studied the energies of the seminar sites as well as their effects on seminar attendees. His research substantiates the findings of Tiller and Schwartz. By measuring the size and intensity of the field effects in the seminar room, he has found that they become dramatically more coherent every time a new concept is introduced. This means that the people in the room, as part of the field, are also similarly affected.

For many years, Korotkov also has studied how masters of many healing modalities manipulate and use energy frequencies. “He has studied qigong grand masters who have studied for sixty years to be able to get a measure of what we do,” says Dr. Pearl, “but all of a sudden, we sit in a seminar room and we get orders of magnitude greater than the qigong grand masters. He’s never before seen people being able to pick that up in one weekend.” Korotkov has measured the energy fields of many locations reputed to have extrastrong or anomalous energies, including Sedona, Arizona; the pyramid of Giza in Egypt; Machu Picchu in Peru; and Angel Falls in Venezuela. And, explains Dr. Pearl, “he says what we’re seeing with Reconnective Healing is more intense and has a greater amplitude and has never been seen on the planet before. He’s kind of measured everything on the planet, and so what he’s saying here is that we’re on to something new and powerful. It’s more specific, it’s more profound, it’s more intense.” No one has yet discovered what Reconnective Healing actually is, although Dr. Pearl says, “It’s not for lack of trying or devising testing methodologies. It’s just that what seems to be happening here is so much bigger than any one test can measure or any one piece of equipment can actually determine.”

Based on all the research to date, Dr. Pearl and the researchers believe that it is a new type of energy that has only now arrived on Earth. As such, researchers are having to piece together bits of the story based on each study. “As Dr. Korotkov says, this really is a new field. We don’t have all the answers yet,” says Dr. Pearl. “But there’s something very, very amazing going on here. It’s not energy healing as we traditionally know or have studied. There’s something more. We don’t have all the answers yet, but it sure is fun to figure it out.” The powerful and profound results of this research is attracting the attention of the best and brightest in the scientific community and has been published in a book edited by Konstantin Korotkov, PhD entitled Science Confirms Reconnective Healing.

In „ The Reconnection“

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Eric Pearl, The Reconnection, LLC, and anyone associated with this work, inclusive of, but not limited to The Reconnection® and/or Reconnective Healing®, make no claims, promises, guarantees, representations or warranties and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment and care.


  • Hey! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any issues with hackers?

    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard work due to no back up.
    Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?

  • Ana Lúcia M. says:

    Translated by Google

    I am surrendered to this practice! I knew very little about the reconnective healing, but by recommendation I got Guida’s contact who gave me more explanations and Idecided to give myself this opportunity.
    My case was / is sensitive, breast cancer and was, at the time of diagnosis, pregnant for 27 weeks. Invasive cancer, with axillary metastasis, grade 2. I started chemo treatments – still pregnant – and simultaneously did reconnective healing treatments – I can say that it helped me immensely in recovering the side effects of chemo! – and after chemo and reconnective healing treatment, the result after scheduled surgery was that the metastasis had disappeared and most of the tumor had healed.
    My puppy was born healthy! He also had a reconnective healing treatment around 2 months old and at least colic he never had again!
    In addition to this situation, I also asked for help for an issue, say, “minor”, which came to me after the birth of my son. An almost unbearable pain in the hand, more specifically in the thumb, the finger left its position very easily and was already becoming a serious problem. I did 2 treatments with Guida and the pain went completely through the following days, until today. My finger never jumped again.
    I am grateful to have had these opportunities and benefited from this help, which I recommend to everyone!
    Thanks Guida.

  • Helena Carrasquinho says:

    Translated by Google

    At the end of 2016 I went looking for Guida very disoriented because I had detected a mass in the right chest. The prognosis was not famous given its size. When I started the chemotherapy treatments there was the possibility of having breast extraction, I was doing reconnective healing sessions with Guida that treated me and strengthened to withstand such a battle.

    When the chemotherapy protocol was over, I was not astonished when I went back to the doctor’s office and I was told that I had responded so well to the treatment that the surgery would only remove the much diminished mass. It was not necessary to do the amputation which left me immensely happy and still stronger to win. I have no doubt that all this had to do with Guida’s work, always willing to treat me and encourage me to move on.

    Healing treats body and soul. I feel like somebody else.

    Bless, dear Guida.

    A tight embrace from the bottom of my heart.

  • Mary McLaughlin says:

    I need to say a big thank you to Guida who I first meet on beach in Lagos a few years ago and i had a reconnective healing with her, at that time I had so much stress and low self esteem in my life I couldn’t cope with much longer. Had 2 sessions that week and just felt amazing after something I couldn’t explain. Had another visit the following year and in April this year had the Reconnection. My life has changed so much, all the stress has gone and good things have happened for me,I no longer have low self esteem have got promotion at work and my day to day life has never been better. I highly recommend Guida who now work from her beautiful home in Lagos as the most amazing beautiful person with a true gift of healing. So happy to have met her and she will be a friend for life.

  • Saide, Mozambique says:

    I met Guida when she visited Mozambique. By them she healed a few people, Mariamo who had war trauma, my son who had some kind of inflamation, throwing up and diarhea, Aires who had injuries on a leg and hand, Aila who was paraplegic after a car crash when she was 8 months old and now already feels her legs and is recovering, my boss who couldn’t lift her arm after a surgery and is now OK… well..
    3 weeks ago after beeing in hospital for a couple of weeks, i decided to ask Guida for help for my wife. She had an infection in all her abdomen and did not respond to any medication. I have called in the morning and i the evening my wife was OK and the infection is gone, I know it is not a miracle but almost… I have no words to say thank you Guida for all your help!

  • joana vasques says:

    Translated by Google

    My uncle was operated to stomach cancer and had metastases in the liver, the day he left the hospital he received the first Reconnective Healing, began chemo that lasted a few months always receiving a few sessions of Reconnective Healing.He was told to be this chemo very aggressive but it did not have any side effects. When the chemo was over he was told that as for the liver he would have to take a chemo pill for the rest of his life to keep the cancer under control but there was nothing else to do. A few months later and always receiving sporadically RH he had an adverse reaction to the tablet and when doing tests it was detected that the cancer in the liver had disappeared, having only the scars.
    This news were received with much joy and relief and almost incredulous my uncle believes that this healing (impossible) from the medical point of view can only be due to Reconnective Healing.
    My uncle did a total of 8 sessions over a year and a half.
    Bless Guida!

  • Katie says:

    My son from a baby suffered with breathing problems, he was eventually diagnosed with asthma. I could see the early signs showing which would ultimately always end up with a hospital visit and more often than not we would end up hospitalised for a few days. No matter how much medication we tried if the signs started I always knew the outcome. I knew of Guida through her wonderful massages, which I highly recommend, and decided on an occasion to contact her when I saw the signs of my sons health deteriorating.
    Guida on this occasion did some Reconnective healing and my son the next day was back to normal, no medication has ever achieved this.
    Guida has since done more distance Reconnective healing for me and on each occasion the children have recovered and been much more relaxed and happy.
    I higly recommend trying Guida before any medications for your children.

  • Helen Wood says:

    Hello Guida,

    I am writing this testimonial to thank you very much…. when I came to Portugal two years ago, I was suffering very badly of back pain, I heard how good you were and I decided to try your massage. I have had many massages which I have found not to help me at all in fact a waste of time.

    When I came to you, I was very surprised, first of all how professional you were and genuinely interested as to were my pain was, when it started and all the details connected to my problem. Each time I had a massage you took time and a lot of effort to make sure the treatment was to ease my pain, which it did, I felt better and better.

    Fortunately for me I learnt that you also did healing, this I found amazing, not only did it help my back pain…but I felt better on the whole, which was a wonderful experience and I hope to have many more.

    What felt like life changing was the Reconnection which i find hard to put into words the difference it has made to my every day living. A lot of my pain was through injury but I did not realise the stress and lots more that I was carrying .. all the above has not only eased my pain tremendously but I am also dealing with life as a whole a lot happier.

    Thank you again Guida with all my Heart, you are a wonderful person and I love the way you really care about everyone who walks though your door.

    I shall continue to come to you when ever I can.. to maintain my good health.

    Lots of love

  • Maria Odete says:

    Translated by Google

    I can only say that I agree with all of the above. Although I was a bit skeptical at first, my situation led me to listen to Guida and try the reconnective healing. Today I am very happy to have listened because the problem that brought me so depressed, frustrated was solved until today. I had a horrible cough that would not let me sleep. I consulted several doctors of the specialty, I took all type of medicines – this for months – and only with the reconnective healing I finally found the cure. Besides coughing, I had insomnia but soon afterwards I also went to sleep deeply. Thank you Guida!

  • Sonia Margarida Fraga Pereira Pinto says:

    Translated by Google

    I do not know Guida personally because unfortunately I would have to travel all over the country, but even without knowing her I trusted … Before everything was limited, to live was painful, to think, was tiring and I could not stand it! The future caused me panic, I used to awake deep, deep down , my legs trembled and I cried all my life …
    After an exchange of messages Guida assured me that everything would improve and as I had nothing to lose, I tried …
    I followed Guida’s instructions, the session went on normally, I dined I lay down and slept … The next day I woke up and nothing came back as before …
    Panic Attacks, Depression, What’s This? I do not remember and I do not even want to remember!

  • Lucy and Jakub says:

    We are a Check Republic family, from Prague. We love Portugal and come regulary for holidays. We know Guida from many years, we love her ,she is very kind.

    Our 5 months old baby got a problem, right after birth, her eye had a duct obstruction, and was leekig all the time. Sometimes it was even worst and got inflamed, all the time until the day, Guida did a 10 minutes Reconnective Healing on the baby while I was holding her on my arms.

    Next morning when I woke up the baby, the problem had gone, she was healed , until today It is perfectely normal , 6 months later.

    Our son Simon (8years old) is very inteligent and sensitive, he thinks about life and problems too much. Sometimes he is afraid of the dark and being alone. Ocasionally he has cramps on his fingers and toes.

    Guida did one healing on him, after that he felt really happy . He has stoped worrying and the convulsions have stoped almost 100 %. Because it helped so much we want to do some more sessions next time back in Portugal.

    We can not thank Guida enough for helping our children in such a nice way.

    Lucie Sedliská and James Dostal, Prague 2016

  • Líbia says:

    Translated by Google

    In May of this year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started my battle to succeed in this stage of my life. I had the surgery and after knowing the result of the analysis to the tumor, I prepared to start the treatments. Meanwhile, through Guida, I was aware of the Reconnective Healing and how it would help me better support what was coming. And I went, fortunately, I went to Guida for help.
    In the first session I felt more “light”, more confident. In the second session, I went with a migraine, and I left without a headache. I also had the third session and felt in a way that I can not even explain …
    Well, the best comes next, I started treatment with Anastrazol, tablets that have many aggressive side effects and that, according to the doctor, I would feel them the first week. I’ve been taking them for a month and a half now and nothing. I do not feel the effects … and all my colleagues who take them had the symptoms in the first few weeks.
    I do radiation therapy every day. They’ve been there twenty days in a row and I just feel a little tired.
    I stopped having stomach problems, it was bad for my digestion and it used to hurt.
    I sincerely confess that at the beginning I was a little doubtful about the results because I had never heard of Reconnective Healing and I am not much of accepting treatments other than those that doctors recommend, but today I consider it a blessing to have trusted Guida and say without fear , that whenever I need to keep my physical or mental health in balance, I will resort to Reconnective Healing.
    Thank you Guida. Thank you for helping me to win this battle. You’re a very generous person.

  • Nina says:

    It has been over 6 months since I had The Reconnection with Guida and I cannot begin to tell you how much my life has changed for the better. The long term health issues I had suffered from for decades have vastly improved and I am now able to lead a normal, healthy life. Also, my life has opened up in so many wonderful ways and many good things have happened. I cannot thank Guida enough. She is so kind, generous and a genuinely good person. I highly recommend her for Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection.

  • aziz Benarafa says:

    My name is Aziz Beanarafa ,i had a great massage at Beach ,Guida is great masseuse ,she really know what she is doing ,she have gold hands,i enjoyed that moment of massage ,in fact i felt sleep and i event start snoring ,thank you Guida for healing my stress.

  • Teresa Pires says:

    Translated by Google

    This is a true testimony and somehow meaning that I wish to help or facilitate people who have doubts. I started a few years of a search and knowledge about myself that led me to various paths and knowledge, in one of these ways the Universe introduced me to Guida Vieira and Reconnective Healing, abbreviating, I’ve had 2 sessions and I’m here to give my testimony, I think that through the work that I personally do, the first session was where I noticed more differences, both spiritual, psychological and above all physical, spiritual and psychological improvements are more difficult to verbalize, since each person is a case, but at the physical level without doubt had results that left me surprised and then went to do the second session to once again help my body and mind to maintain balance, on a physical level, I had been diagnosed a small fibroid in the womb and a ulcer in the duodenum, and in the following examinations as if by magic the two had disappeared, I did not do any medical treatment other than Reconnective Healing and all other practices the ones I already used as daily meditation and Reiki, it is difficult to explain the general well-being that we feel with a Reconnective Healing, at the end of the session it seems that we are a little dizzy and the differences I think we can only see it after a few months when we look back and we see that our attitude towards life and people has undergone great changes, a long time ago I should have made this testimony, but everything in life has a time, thanks to Guida Vieira, a lot of peace, a lot of light and GRATITUDE

  • Elsa Maria says:

    Translated by Google

    My 17-year-old daughter has been in psychological therapy for about 3 years, every week because of a state of depression that has “settled down” and where tremendous fear, anxiety, moments of panic have not let her live. his full adolescence. Without friends, the only person close to and who does not dispense, is me, his mother. She constantly needs my presence and depends entirely on it to feel “safe.” Obsessive behaviors, a necessary order, everything always planned and controlled, shame of one’s own body, never wanting to go out if invited, has been how she can exist, bound to me!
    And so we have lived, in a closed world, in a circle where all roads are always the same ….
    I looked for several aids, over time, in order for her to free herself from me and start having a life of her own. We consulted a medical psychiatrist who at one hour of consultation determined that she had a depression and prescribed her chemicals to take for 6 months. After leaving this appointment, I thought that would not be a good way for my daughter. Again, without losing the hope of finding a less aggressive way, I started thinking and looking!
    I’ve known Guida for many years and knew that she did a different work about which I knew nothing. I contacted her, in order to know more and the possibility of using this healing technique with my daughter ….
    After both met and spoke a little, the first session of three was held.
    The sensations that my daughter described, in relation to the first session, was to feel like water, to go through her body … just after we left the session, she had an “air” of lightness and transparency something different , which has continued to this day.
    It’s been about two weeks since the last session and I can tell you that there’s been tremendous change in her behavior!
    For the first time in three years, she wore ers bikini and went to sunbath !!!! She began, by her initiative to do physical exercise, she gives a laugh as I had not heard her laugh for a long time! Been to a class dinner with colleagues for the first time since years! Been to the beach with colleagues !!!!
    All this would be unimaginable until the moment of the therapy!
    I am grateful to the universe for having intuited me in the sense of looking for new possibilities.
    I am grateful to the knowledge that allows us to have a broad vision of everything that exists and the infinite possibilities that we have in this world!
    I am grateful to Guida, as a human being, therapist, friend, intuitive, special, different!
    I am grateful to my daughter, who naturally accepted this healing!
    I am grateful to life, for bringing me through suffering, the certainty that something else exists beyond us and that there are always new windows with different landscapes to enjoy and live!

  • Simon Edwards says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Guida last summer at her beach venue and was fortunate to manage to get an appointment to have a treatment that week. Having had regular massage treatments for many years for back problems I was astonished at how much better she made me feel after only one treatment. Guida is an amazing Lady as she is extremely in tune with you as only a truly caring person can be. The most wonderful treatment I have ever had. I only wish I could get back to Portugal more regularly! Thank you Guida x

  • Ellis Reichgelt says:

    I would like to share with you my life changing experience with the reconnection.
    The book was recommended by a friend of mine in the spring of 2014. Even though I found it hard to read at first, once I got “into it”I read it in one go, and started to play with the exercises Dr. Pearl suggests. I was intrigued, and in September 2014 I went to Sintra, to be “reconnected”. This is done in 2 sessions, in two following days. Both take about an hour. In the first session I was laying down, with my eyes closed. I didn’t feel a lot at first, but then things started to happen. It felt like my body was moving in waves, stronger and stronger, and all of the sudden I felt I was literally lifted to another dimension. Even though there was a short moment of fear, I realized there was no way back, I had to go, and that all was well. I entered in a very bright light, everything was very open, and spacious. After the session I was very emotional. It wasn’t sadness though, more melancholic. I knew life would never be the same. The second session had less impact in emotional way, but during the session I felt the presence of several “beings”. Not unpleasant, it was comforting. After the session Elsa, the facilitator, asked me if I had felt anything. When I told her we hadn’t been alone that day, she started to laugh, because she had also felt the presence.
    Since this reconnection I feel I have a different awareness. My universe has expanded, I have more room. I find it a lot easier to deal with problems, I get over things much quicker, and I am just a lot happier!!!

  • Manuela says:

    I’ve had several Reconnective Healing sessions with Guida. The one I loved the most was after I had a motorcycle accident, I couldn’t move my neck to the right, I was in a lot of pain. After a single session I felt no more pain, it was absolutely fantastic.
    And for that, I can’t thank you enough Guida.
    I highly recommend this experience, you won’t regret it!

  • Gill B. February 2016 says:

    I had the recommended three session of RH with Guida. It was my decision to have three, as she said you make your own mind up if and when you wish to return. Initially, after the first session, I felt light, positive and happy – this lasted a couple of days. I then had many vivid dreams of past events, none were particularly dramatic or negative, rather ordinary, more that I was re-visiting my past right back to childhood. I was also aware of a positive presence in the room,during the treatment. On the second treatment, I felt very relaxed, I became aware of many criss cross white lines being drawn above my body. After a few days, I realised that some of the symptoms I wanted to be rid of had gone. My third session, my body went into a deep relaxation, quickly but with my mind alert. After this, I have felt a subtle but dramatic change within me. My core, stronger, negative thoughts can be pushed aside quickly. I feel one week later that positive change is continuing within me. Guida is warm,caring and authentic, a lovely indivdual. I would highly recommend her for help in eliminating emotional or physical challenges. I will most definitely be returning when I feel the need to.

  • Susan Richards February 2016 says:

    My husband and I have travelled to Lagos regularly over the past 10 years, as we own a villa there. Guida was recommended to us a few years ago and we are delighted to have her in our lives when we visit Portugal. She has a very calm aura and is very caring. My husband, Martyn, has massage with Guida whenever we visit as this helps to alleviate his aches and pains which are caused by a busy lifestyle and a challenging business. He always feels great benefits from seeing Guida and has also received Healing, which helped him during a particularly stressful period. I also see Guida for massage and she is by far the best masseuse either of us have experienced. (we also have regular massage in the UK). I was suffering with pains down my arms and into my hands and had learnt to live with it. However, during a massage Guida asked me if I had pain in these areas and I confirmed I did but thought it was arthritis and so hadn’t mentioned it. I decided to have 3 healing sessions to see if this would help with this problem. I never doubted Guida but had an open mind as I haven’t had healing before. It is a very calming experience and I am pleased to say that the pain has totally gone from both arms and I have never had any problems since! Amazing! We can’t recommend Guida enough, who is a lovely, caring, highly trained, talented lady.

    Thanks from us both Guida!

  • Susana Vieira says:

    Translated by Google

    The Therapy has exceeded my expectations because it is simple, safe and effective. In the first session, I immediately felt relief from pain and less muscle tension.
    Thank you Guida

  • Theresa MC Daid says:

    Over the past seven years I have visited Lagos Portugal on vacation ,each time I experienced “Guida” wonderful massage and de stress techniques.
    To be honest it difficult to put into words the impact this had on my body , physically, mentally and spiritually . It took me to a place of utter relaxation & stress free .
    This past year , I travelled especially to visit “Guida” to do ” Reconnective Healing & Reconnection Therapy. This empowered me to self care, face life challenges, release the past and make definite decisions for my future . It made me believe in myself and my dreams . There is no words that I can say to thank her enough . She does Therapeutic Relaxing Massage a must if you live a busy life style . I couldn’t but highly recommend her.
    Thanking you,
    Tes .
    ( Galway , Ireland ).

  • Nina says:

    I have had several Reconnective Healing sessions with Guida, each of them unique and each of them powerful. Reconnective Healing is nothing like anything I’ve ever experienced before (and I’ve tried several types of energy healing over the years). The energy feels very strong and I experienced many different sensations during my sessions with Guida. I always left my sessions feeling brighter, happier and with more vitality.

    Recently, I also had The Reconnection, which was an amazing experience. Since then many things in my life have shifted for my highest good and I finally seem to be getting to the bottom of my long term health issues. I can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store.

    Above all though, I have to say what a wonderful, kind, caring and loving person Guida is. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much Guida. :)

  • Julieta Martins says:

    Translated by Google

    You are the person who has long looked for … I knew that one day I would meet you … thanks to the person you are and to the work you perform “reconnective healing and reconnection” I feel healthy, energetic, inner peace, good things arise unexpectedly … , Finally HAPPY …. Thank God for knowing yourself … just these cosmic energies and God. Kisses.

  • Mary Elizabeth McLaughlin says:

    I had my first reconnective healing with Guida while on holiday in Lagos early Sept and it was an amazing experience so much that even now a month later I’m still getting benefits from this experience. I feel so much more positive and looking at life in a more happier confident way, can’t wait to return next year. Thank you so much Guida you truly are an amazing person Mary

  • Judi Butler says:

    I am often on holiday in Lagos and when I am there I always find time to have massage with Guida. She is gives the best massage I have ever had. So much so it is always disappointing to have 1 elsewhere.

    When Guida started doing the Reconnective Healing I didn’t really understand what it was or how it worked. Because I have a good relationship with Guida and really trust her I decided to have a session. I found it rather a good experience. I had a lot of feeling in and around my head. It felt like wafting movements and also a feeling inside. Hard to explain. I could also feel a breeze like feeling along my legs and on 1 occasion my arm jumped up for no reason. I just felt so much more at peace with myself after the sessions.

    I then had the Reconnection. Again I had similar feelings. Again all hard to describe but for sure I did and do feel very different and I am so pleased I had it. One night I went back to my apartment and I looked at my diary which was full of appointments and it was completely clear all the way back for almost a year!! Strange!

    I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in their personal and spiritual development. Just trust…..and you are for sure as safe as safe with Guida.

    BIG HUGS Judi x

  • Maud Jacobse says:

    I have had my RH from Guida. It was amazing to feel connected to my mother who passed away many years ago and who I missed terrible but now I am at ease with it.

  • Lisa Longhurst says:

    I have known Guida now for 4 years as a massage therapist and now as a healer. 2 years ago I was suffering with flu that had gone into my sinuses. The first person I called was Guida and during the reconnective treatment I experienced some very strange but calm experiences in my head, a feeling I can only describe as a washing machine in my head. By that evening the pressure in my head was released. I have seen Guida on 3 further occasions for reconnection and finally the reconnective healing. Each time I have experienced something new. But as a long term sufferer of tonsillitis I have been tonsillitis free for over 12 months. I feel when I am becoming unwell I have a much better immune system and can fight most things.

    I see a lot of clients through my own work and I recommend Guida for all sorts of things. If people are feeling unwell, emotional, stressed, in pain or even grieving she is someone who can help. The process is painless and I know from those people I know who have been we have all experienced a different feeling or sensation. The focus is not always on what we expect it to be and may be different each time.

    My own mother and father and stepfather have each had their own experiences too. My father has been fighting cancer for the last 2 years and His experiences with Guida have been incredible.

    This is not just a job for Guida it is a passion. I know I can turn to Guida in any situation and she will do her best to help. An amazing lady with a heart and hand meant to heal.

  • L Machado says:

    I have 2 different healing stories, both with Guida Vieira.
    I’ve had 3 sessions to help 2 muscle hernias I had on my lumbar area, within 2 months there was no hernia and no pain.
    I’ve had 3 sessions in a different moment to help a trigger finger and after 5 days my finger was back to normal.
    In this process, I feel easier to breathe and my snoring is less intense.
    Thanks Guida !

  • Rayford Faunce says:

    Deepak Chopra, MD and Wayne Dyer, PhD. Dr. Eric Pearl tells the story of how he first encountered the Reconnective Healing frequencies and set foot on the path of healing.

  • Cristiane Santos says:

    Translated by Google

    A year ago I did two healings for pain in the left knee and no doubt after the first healing I had a great improvement and after the second I had no more problems with it.
    Thank you Guida Vieira.

  • Karin Ivamy says:

    I was recommended to Guida by my cousin after receiving treatment for thyroid cancer. I was visiting Portugal and believe the timing was fate. Guida was amazing, her energy was so warm and positive, I came away feeling lighter and feeling certain things were going to be fine. I am looking forward to returning to Portugal so I can see Guida again. I felt it was a powerful experience for me and made me feel more positive about the future! Thank you Guida x

  • Isabel Melo says:

    Translated by Google

    A delicate exchange of words at a quick grocery shopping meeting was enough for Guida to “read” that she was not very well emotionally. The invitation came immediately so we could meet as she might help.
    I acceded to her invitation because the trust did not even require great explanations. What she explained to me was not easy to perceive, but for me it was not important from the moment in which I awoke positivism to me. At that time the state of anxiety and the excessive feeling of guilt that disturbed my life gave rise to feelings of perception on various aspects, namely the implications of suffering in anticipation. On the physical level also had immediate repercussions.
    Thank you Guida, the change took place and the calm and acceptance were the attitudes that I learned …

  • Maria Mercedes F. Alves Quinta says:

    Translated by Google

    I met Guida Vieira the day I got reconnected, and from the outset a great empathy was created. At that time, because I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea, I had to sleep with a ventilator to obviate the respiratory arrest that occurred during sleep. After the reconnection, I did with Guida two sessions of reconnective healing and, besides other emotional changes that I felt, a very important step for me was no need to use the ventilator any more. In fact , it could no longer be prescribed by the doctor and technician who had advised it,In the last consultation I had, I took a recording of the sleep of some nights, before the doctor discharged me from that device, having been very surprised , as well as the technician who assisted the device of such improvement, which had never been verified in any patient with this pathology. Only because of this enormous advance in my quality of life, my great thanks to the reconnective energy and to those who facilitated it!

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