Therapeutic Massage is the manipulation of soft tissues, which maintains and restores the body’s natural balance.
Among its advantages are: maintaining joint mobility reducing inflammation of fibres; increasing blood supply; improving muscular tone and minimizing body fatigue.
It also improves circulation and lymphatic system, stimulates sensory nerve endings, slows respiratory rate and improves the texture of the skin.


Set of holistic massage techniques that through the use of vegetable oils leads to
a proper integration, balance and dynamic interchange between body and mind. It helps to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and mental tension.


Shiatsu is really more than a simple oriental massage. It is a therapy to balance your body physically and energetically, using the pressure of hands’ palms and fingers.


This gentle holistic massage with oils, relaxes your baby stimulating the vital body functions, preventing diseases and leaving an overall feeling of well being.


Therapeutic Relaxation Massage, full body 60 min. 45€
Special Relaxation/Energizing Massage, full body 90 min. 60€
Ayurvédic Massage, full body 60 min. 45€
Shiatsu Massage, full body 75 min. 70€
Back Massage 30 min. 25€
Back, Neck and Shoulders 45 min. 35€
Back, Neck, Shoulders, arms ,hands and head 60 min. 40€
Feet and Legs 45 min. 40€
Head and Face 20 min. 20€
Babies 20 min. 20€
Reconnective Healing 30/40 min. 60€

If you wish to purchase a massage or healing as a gift you may be interested in a “Voucher”


  • Pat Larkin says:

    What is a massage? There are so many definitions and perceptions. Perhaps in different parts of the world it would vary considerably. A Massage in Turkish Baths to one in the confines of an Hotel room?

    When I first met Guida I did not know what to expect apart from what I had heard through word of mouth. So I presented with a little trepidation particularly since I experienced a back issue recently and wondered would it help or could it make matters worse?
    Guida welcomed me into her beautiful home,put me at ease, and when pleasantries were over, she engaged in a most Professional manner. The setting was non clinical yet conducive to health and healing. She showed me exercises to enhance my particular problem and actually video recorded the correct positions in case I might forget!
    The Massage room was relaxing to the senses, and an eclectic mix of music, including some beautiful Indian Sitar pieces.

    The Massage itself was intense yet not intrusive. Deep and penetrating , relaxing without being frivolous. A truly wonderful experience.

    As I paid Guida an exceptionally fair price I asked her was she tired after all her exertions and energy. She replied with a wry smile.
    ” I sleep very well at night “

  • Margaret Joyce says:

    I first met Guida on the Meia Preia Beach in Lagos Portugal. A friend recommend that I try her for a massage. I was hesitant as I had never had a massage outdoors before!

    It was a beautiful setting on the beach, a large comfortable massage bed, a blue sky and the sound of sea. I was protected from the sun by a white canopy which was billowing around me in the breeze. A bit like heaven! The best part was the massage. Guida has such a good knowledge of physiology that she knew exactly how much pressure to apply. It was honestly the best massage I have ever had.

    The massage was something I continued to look forward to over the years when we would visit lagos.

    During that time I had a bad car accident and was left with dreadful head, neck and facial pain. It really affected my quality of life and it was wearing me down.
    By that time Guida had established a place of therapy in her home where she was continuing to do massage but had also begun Reconnective Healing.
    I decided to try the healing as I was getting very little relief from medication, physio, acupuncture etc. I had tried everything.

    After my first session I really became aware of the huge emotional stress that I was carrying since the accident. It was like it came to the surface, not in a frightening way but in a sense of curious and gentle awareness.

    After the second treatment, I returned again to my home in Ireland and really began to experience extended relief. I also felt a lot more grounded and less fearful . While the pain was still present (to a much lesser extent) it was as if I could separate ‘it” from me. The pain did not define me anymore. The headaches are now gone. I was able to let go. The pain did not control my life anymore I began to work ‘with it’ instead of fearing it.

    I look forward on my next trip to do a final 3rd healing and close the circle for myself and to continue of course enjoying her amazing massages!

    Thank you Guida, you have made a huge difference to how I experience my life now. See you soon. Love Margaret

  • Mary McLaughlin says:

    10th July 2017
    I need to say a big thank you to Guida who I first meet on beach in Lagos a few years ago and i had a reconnective healing with her, at that time I had so much stress and low self esteem in my life I couldn’t cope with much longer. Had 2 sessions that week and just felt amazing after something I couldn’t explain. Had another visit the following year and in April this year had the Reconnection. My life has changed so much, all the stress has gone and good things have happened for me,I no longer have low self esteem have got promotion at work and my day to day life has never been better. I highly recommend Guida who now work from her beautiful home in Lagos as the most amazing beautiful person with a true gift of healing. So happy to have met her and she will be a friend for life.

  • Simon Edwards says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Guida last summer at her beach venue and was fortunate to manage to get an appointment to have a treatment that week. Having had regular massage treatments for many years for back problems I was astonished at how much better she made me feel after only one treatment. Guida is an amazing Lady as she is extremely in tune with you as only a truly caring person can be. The most wonderful treatment I have ever had. I only wish I could get back to Portugal more regularly! Thank you Guida x

  • Aziz Benafara says:

    My name is Aziz Beanarafa ,i had a great massage at Beach ,Guida is great masseuse ,she really know what she is doing ,she have gold hands,i enjoyed that moment of massage ,in fact i felt sleep and i event start snoring ,thank you Guida for healing my stress.

  • Eva says:

    I have been a client of Guida for many years.
    Guida has seriously terrific healing hands.
    Her massages both on the beautiful Meia Praia beach in the warmth of the sun, listening to the sounds of the waves, are truly superb and give great relaxation and peace to a stressful life.
    The massages I have had and I shall continue to have, when the weather is inclement to be out the beach, at Guida’s lovely apartment In Lagos, are also superb.
    I have had many massages all over the world in my busy life, but none have ever reached the standard of Guida’s.
    Eva. June 2016

  • Susan Richards says:

    My husband and I have travelled to Lagos regularly over the past 10 years, as we own a villa there. Guida was recommended to us a few years ago and we are delighted to have her in our lives when we visit Portugal. She has a very calm aura and is very caring. My husband, Martyn, has massage with Guida whenever we visit as this helps to alleviate his aches and pains which are caused by a busy lifestyle and a challenging business. He always feels great benefits from seeing Guida and has also received Healing, which helped him during a particularly stressful period. I also see Guida for massage and she is by far the best masseuse either of us have experienced. (we also have regular massage in the UK). I was suffering with pains down my arms and into my hands and had learnt to live with it. However, during a massage Guida asked me if I had pain in these areas and I confirmed I did but thought it was arthritis and so hadn’t mentioned it. I decided to have 3 healing sessions to see if this would help with this problem. I never doubted Guida but had an open mind as I haven’t had healing before. It is a very calming experience and I am pleased to say that the pain has totally gone from both arms and I have never had any problems since! Amazing! We can’t recommend Guida enough, who is a lovely, caring, highly trained, talented lady.

    Thanks from us both Guida!

  • Geraldine Stack says:

    Last June I was holidaying in Lagos, Portugal. As I lay sunning myself, I was watching this lady
    Dressed all in white doing a massage and her technique grabbed me. So I walked over to her
    And made my appointment.
    The lady in question been,
    “The Lovely Guida Vieira”

    As I settle on the enormous mattress under a billowing gazebo, Guida and I chat for a while, she is
    Bright, fun and loving ,I could feel these qualities right away.
    She used elements of physiotherapy while working on pressure points that related to energy flow.
    My body reacted and benefited, from my toes, to my ears, to the top of my head. A dynamic body
    Treatment which restored my balance and energy flow. I have never experienced anything like it.
    As Guida explained putting pressure on the body can relieve tension in numerous ways.
    She simply has a natural gift. My sessions with Guida has been the most powerful and effective, I
    Have ever experienced,

    I have had many massages with different therapist, but none compared to Guida’s, her energy
    Was so focussed.
    So make your appointment, show up, lie down and let Guida do her magic.

    A very grateful
    Geraldine Stack Ireland.

  • Cristiane Santos says:

    As massagens da Guida é tudo de bom. Recomendo.

  • Karen Malin says:

    “Guida’s massages are the best I have ever had. I hope I can find her again in September (2015). Guida gives a “proper” massage and the benefits can truly be felt for some time afterwards. She is a pleasure to spend time with as well. If you are dithering; definitely try a Guida massage!”

  • Maralyn Cooke says:

    We have been to Lagos many times but this year I needed Guida’s healing hands she worked miracles with my two frozen shoulders and I left after two weeks pain free and in a much better place. Thank you so much. See you next year.

  • Nancy Kemp says:

    A trip to Meia Praia is not complete without an hour of complete and utter relaxation immersed in Guida’s amazing talent. Massage with Guida is not just massage – it’s an amazing experience which stays with you long after the massage has finished.

  • Lena Strang says:

    Thanks, Guida for a wonderful massage! You eased away all the the stiffness in my shoulders and back. The whole of my body felt so rejuvenated and relaxed. No doubt, I shall be back!

  • Ilídio Simão says:

    Guida is a human being with a heart and soul of the size of the world combined with a refined sensitivity and perfectionism. Does not surprise me your success! The credit is all yours and of your blessed hands. I’m happy for you, my f

  • Jean Bruxelles says:

    Durant mes vacances à Lagos, je me suis occasionné une luxation de l’épaule.. On m’a conseillé de consulter Guida qui, après un massage efficace d’une heure, m’a soulagé et a sauvé la fin de mon séjour ! Merci encore !

  • Ria says:

    Dear Guida, thank you so much for your massage yesterday. Your genuine and calm presence helped me to surrender and let go of old blockages. I felt you had “pushed some reset button’s” and after that I felt whole again. xx

  • Liz Crossland says:

    I had a beautiful massage in your calm and relaxing sanctuary at home, but had felt incomplete, as I missed the “beach treat” in your tented area on Meia Praia, which is a very special experience.

  • marco milhano says:

    Adorei a massagem, o ambiente tão acolhedor, sua energia de paz e tranqüilidade. Saí de teu consultório nas nuvens.
    Fiquei surpreso com o teu profissionalismo Guida, no tratamento e na massagem
    Muito obrigada. Beijos e tudo de bom!!

  • Mark Mc Gann says:

    This woman is a miracle worker with God-given hands and the most beautiful nurturing and uplifting energy. Anyone who has even a remote chance of experiencing her massage therapy for themselves will be changed forever.

  • Jack says:

    After recent major and complex spine surgery that left considerable damage to my back muscles and various nerves, my surgeon advised massage. Guida has given me major pain relief and my recovery is coming along faster than expected. Obrigadissimo

  • Eva Inácio Marreiro says:

    Amiga Guida Vieira, tens mãos de fada. Havia anos que suportava dores nos pés, após a tua massagem, senti um alívio e bem estar, que nem podia acreditar. Bem hajas.

  • Pat Maher says:

    The treat u gave me, was first rate and my shoulder is so very much better. Ican’t believe, it had been like that for over a year. Nothing I tried,inc massage, had helped enough. Now it is wonderful!! U really are a wonderful Holistic Therapist !

  • Ray Shepherd says:

    Meeting Guida was a life changing experience for me. Guida correctly diagnosed my problem and set me on course to full recovery. Saint Guida, for me. Bless you sweetheart

  • Caroline says:

    Guida’s massages are the best I have ever had! She has healing hands …

  • Brigitte says:

    Liebe guidavieira,
    Du hast mir mit deiner wirklich tollen Massage sehr geholfen, meine Schmerzen waren fast weg und ich fühle mich viel besser. Am Strand mit dem Meeresrauschen im Ohr kann man besonders gut entspannen. Vielen dank, obrigada.

  • Ruben says:

    Do Melhor!
    Quando terminei de receber a massagem disse à Guida ” É assim que se preparam as pessoas para irem para o céu”
    E é!

  • Frankie Dunn says:

    Many thanks Guida, my husband Les said it was a most professional massage, very different from any he had ever had, and he felt better for it. A very welcome birthday gift for him.

  • Khadija says:

    Guida, You give very wonderful massages. I really enjoyed it, the sun, the sound of the beach made me really relax and our conversation afterwards was very nice. If I know some people who are going to Lagos I make sure I tell them about you. xx Dija

  • Renee Sandbach says:

    Guida made our fabulous vacation even better. What a great way to enjoy the sunshine. Thank-you Guida we wish we could have brought you back to Colorado with us. Sending love and peace always. Renee

  • Joyce Craveiro says:

    Guida is simply incredible – from her professionalism when she first greets me through the advice given and, of course, those wonderful hands! The best massage ever!

  • Linda says:

    It was a wonderfull massage. I was pregnant at this moment an Guida get attuned to this situation very well. She decreases my problems in the pragnancy and give very good advices to me.
    Thank you very much!

  • marian emerson says:

    What a fantastic experience, Guida has the most wonderful hands and what a bonus to have a private massage in you own villa at a great price.My body feels 10 years younger after Guida has worked her magic. Can’t wait for my next trip.

  • Liz Crosland says:

    Guida gives me the most wonderful massage whenever I visit Portugal.
    I would like to extend her area to North Yorkshire!!! Never say never.
    She has magical hands, and a beautiful soul.

  • Jeremy Attard-Manche says:

    Guida gives a superbly deep and simultaneously relaxing massage, one of the best I have ever had anywhere in the world . Always one of the first things I book when I am lucky enough to be in Portugal ..

  • Jean says:

    Wonderful, relaxing massage, very professional.
    Thankyou very much, Angela + I will be back!
    Kind regards

  • Margaret says:

    This was the most amazing experience.
    We never know what we miss out on in life until we’ve experience it.
    Better than any massage I’ve ever had.

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