About Me

Having been all my life connected to personal care solutions like gymnastics, alternative health therapies, martial arts and active meditation, a point eventually came where I felt that I had found my special field of expertise:


I started giving massages when I was 13 years old without any curricular formation, only for friends and family every once in a while but it was not until 2001 that I had my Shiatsu certification in the Toshio Funada institute. It soon made it’s way into a part-time activity, complemented in 2009 by an Ayurvedic Certification with Associação Lusobrasileira para Ayurvédica. After that I started developing my own massage system, connecting Shiatsu, Ayurvédic and Traditional massage, pulling what I felt to be the best from each. Add some Reiki to the mix and you get what I like to call “my special cocktail”. Nowadays, massage has become not only a full time job but also my true found passion.

I practice massage treatment in Lagos.

 I always feel connected to something higher, stronger, something that I call the Universal Energy which makes me feel guided and protected.
This feeling was strongly reaffirmed and restructured in 2013, when I was introduced to Reconnective Healing.I now practice massage, Reconnective Healing and Reconnection.
My passion about helping others continues to grow, healing their physical, emotional and intellectual bodies through the Energy realignment promoted by Reconnective Healing, reconnecting them with the Universe through The Reconnection.

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